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GivePlanet is a coalition of non-profits from across the globe committed to helping to faciliate giving across borders.
Because the challenges our planet faces don't stop at the border.

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Whether you're an individual, a charity, a crowdfunding platform, a community foundation or a corporation, GivePlanet can help facilitate your international giving and fundraising. Combining world-class technological tools, fiscal and legal partners from around the world, and 11 years of proven experience, we help donors to give internationally and tax-deductibly, no matter where in the world they are.

  • For donors and charities - give tax-deductible receipts to your international donors
  • For foundations and corporations - donate tax-deductibly to charities and projects internationally
  • For giving platforms - enable international currencies and tax-deductions right on your platform

A Global Technology and Financial Solution

Use our multicurrency, multilingual fundraising platform, or integrate it our platform using our APIs, to enable global tax-deductible giving.

11 years of experience in facilitating global giving

We've been supporting international giving since 2008, and have facilitated over 235,000 individual donations to over 2,400 non-profits and charities.

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  • *Following a ruling by the European Courts of Justice, if you live in one EU country and donate to a charity registered in another EU country you may be able to claim tax back. However, EU member states have amended their legislation to comply with European Courts of Justice ruling to varying degrees. You must check the amendments of your country's national tax laws regarding charitable donations.

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GivePlanet makes it easy to collect international currencies and give tax-deductions, right from your own website.

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Donation form

Use our multi-currency donation form, integrated right into your website.


Use our API to add multicurrency functionality into your existing donation platform.


Use our multicurrency, multilingual crowdfunding platform to enable donations from across the globe.

Peer to Peer

Now people creating campaigns for your organization can fundraise from their friends across the globe.

Ticket Sales

Sell tickets in 120 currencies and 8 languages.

For platforms too

Provide international tax-deductions to all of your clients and campaigns on your crowdfunding platform.


Donors can donate by check, either by mail or by using ACH deposits (US only) or charity vouchers (UK only).

Wire transfers

Donate by wire transfer from your private account or donor advised fund.

Stock and Estate

Save on capital gains taxes and increase your tax-receipt by donating stock and equity.

US >> Israel

Example #1

An American donor wishes to support charitable activities in Israel. He sends a check or wire transfer to our US partner, America Gives, who issues him a US 501c3 tax-receipt for his donation. America Gives then donates the funds to an Israeli charity, or works to fulfull the charitable project in Israel.




up to 39.6%

Cost to donor


Charity receives


Canada >> US

Example #2

A Canadian donor wishes to donate to a US charity. The donor enters into the charity's website and selects "Canadian dollars" as the donation currency. The donation flows directly to our Canadian partner, and an Canadian tax-receipt is immediately issued by email to the donor. The Canadian non-profit then donates the funds, less our fee, to the US charity.




up to 53%

Cost to donor


Charity receives



Some of our

The process

How it works

Signing up for GivePlanet is easy and done in just 3 steps. Just click here to fill out the initial registration form, and tell us a little about yourself and your needs. We'll then send you a link to get you started. While the process is almost all done online - you can reach out to us at any time by live chat or email to ask any questions that you might have.


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